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Crown Block

Crown block defromation

In cooperation with one of our clients we have designed a crown block. This crown block is the upper part of an oil rig that pulls out the pipes after drilling. The construction has been designed to pull with 1.000.000kg, which is 10.000kN. The construction has been designed according to Det Norske Veritas and the American Petroleum Institute.

To be able to perform a stress calculation there has been made a model of the frame in Solid Edge. To make sure that the calculations were accurate a part of the rig itself has also been taken into the model.

The solid model has been converted to a plate model in Femap. The different colours indicate different plate thicknesses. With this model different load cases can be applied and thicknesses of plates can be changed easily to optimize the design.

Out of the model different data can be obtained. Such as Von Mises stress, Deformation and the eigenvalue against buckling.


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